Saturday, April 3, 2010

Backpacking Hong Kong

Don't mind about all the previous post, its rather silly to read about it. Anyway the last post marks the end of my conflicts of that moment, solved or unsolved, its in the past. Think too much about it again, its going to kill you. No more too personal post coming up, but do expect more light and cheerful thoughts in my mind. :-)

Backpacking in Hong Kong

 First time for me to do some self backpacking alone, haven't even done it in Malaysia, yet now I'm heading to Hong Kong. Arrived in the airport much earlier, was afraid of the traffic that might caused by the F1 Race at Sepang Circuit. These are the few things which is stuck with me for the coming four days. Reading where to go, how to move around the city, what to eat. Never expect the travel guide by Lonely Planet to be that useful. For that few hours, I'm still fine, was pretty surprised I was bored, purely reading books and listening to some musics from my PSP. After a while, found out there was free wifi in the airport, opened up my laptop initially to do some research, ended up chatting with many friends, it has been a while I have more than 10 chatbox in active chat. Well, yea it efficiently kills my time.
Well, I started to feel bored on the plane. I slept, but it just passed one hour, I ate, it just took me 15minutes. [haha] Thought wanted to sit near the window to watch the contour of the lands, but you can see from the picture, pure blue and pinches of white clouds.
Here! Excitement of the day! Lonely Planet with Super Junior! [:p] Not too sure why, but I can't seem to get bored of this song yet, eventhough I've played it in my song list for more than any other songs that I knew. [:p yeah! Super Jr Rocks]

Arrived in Hong Kong International Airport at about 9pm. By the time, I reached to Tsim Sha Tsui, it took me one hour. So far, its a quite cool day, everything's new to me. Wasn't able to take much photo on the way, wanted to get to the hotel soon and its getting late. [:-)] Heading to The Peak at Central Hong Kong for sight-seeing today.
*oh yea, found this interesting signboard. [Johnson! your shop :p]

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陈星宇 - Johnson Ting Sinyu said...

hahah! this is soooo darnn cool+cute! haha~ take care and have a safe trip ya albert~ enjoy! xD