Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

[Hmm] How do I start?

When it comes to my own birthday, I'm always in a lost in what I wanted to do. Just wish that there will be someone standing just right there, guiding me in how i should respond and react. Few days ago, my housemate set up on a surprise birthday celebration for me. Eventhough we did not know each other for long, but still they spend so much time planning and getting cakes for me, it's just something beyond all the things that I was hoping for. I was touched and at the same time felt blessed with love and care.

My family called earlier today. Just to wish me Happy Birthday, I was happy enough. Each and every year they are sure to be the first to greet me. Although there wasn't any celebration, but a simple wishes is more than all we ever wanted. They sounded even more excited than me myself.

It's almost 4am now, and I'm still writing here. Not wanting to go to bed, eventhough I have to wake up early for a morning class at 9am. I'm not sad, or moody or down, but just not as happy as I thought I would be. I'm feeling that emptiness again, something's missing, or am I just expecting too much. I need to do something to fill myself up. First time to lose direction during my birthday.

One thing good about facebook, it helps to remind people of your birthday. Even if its just a simple wish, it helps to fill up your day.


Yi Pin said...

class is 9.30

陈星宇 - Johnson Ting Sinyu said...

yipin's comment=.=...haha..bday boy has just passed his bday d~ xD