Friday, November 20, 2009

That's about it. Its THE END

[AHHHH...][Scream!!!] I swear to myself, this would never happen again.

Eventhough sometimes i looked strong on the outside, but my heart and soul is fragile. There's one thing good, cause probably in another few month times, and when i looked back to this post, I will feel what I've wrote here is pretty silly.

I walked very far today, nearly a 2 hours walk, thought a lot about what I've been doing. Walk alone without any burden. Walking through the streets as if I were invisible and observing things around me. Walking to discover there's a whole new big world and we were just that small tiny little portion. I'm rational, and I know what's right and what's wrong, but when I fell into this emotion trap. Thought of what I supposed to do go weak.

There's actually one very specific issue which had been bothering me. As I walk, I talked to myself, [don't have much listeners nowadays] I hesitated, I feel relunctant, but I know I need to do this, that I need to stay away from you, it gave me deep cut everytime I see it happens.

*Don't drop me cold comments, and I think you know who you are. It's not funny.


Yi Pin said...

If you would just talk...i think none of us would not listen..

i always try to be cold because i hope it can get people to forget about their worries for awhile, on the expense of scolding me on my coldness, and hopefully look back later and see its just something silly when people are caught too much in the moment.
Thats what i hoped anyway, sorry if it has been happening in opposite effect. Its just the only way i learned to deal with caught up emotions.

Maybe you did try to communicate but we or i didn't catch it, i apologize for being a terribly lousy friend...even and especially now when you're hurting and i dont know how to say u can share anything with us, we may not be as experienced as u are but nevertheless i think the past few weeks showed how much people here appreciate and care for you, how much i want to be there for a friend like you, like you were for every one of us.

I can only apologize for being cold at the wrong times, but anyhow i really hope you can somehow see your problems through. I don't know what they are, just the fact that u said you don't have much listeners cut me as well.

lunz said...

u 2 isn come from differ world?
btw, fren always fren,
won do something try to hurt u,
we 2 would like to be ur listener.

Yi Pin said...

why different world leh @_@

lunz said...

i m standing between ur world n albert world sometime.hehe