Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November did not dissapoint me

I did not know how to express my gratitude and appreciation towards a group of people which put in so much effort,time and money in organizing such a large scale birthday event for me. I felt only a word "thank you" is not enough for you people, I need a larger word. I'm amazed on how things can be arranged with minimal leakage of information and I did not even see it coming, in that large scale. What I'm really happy about is how people came together wanting to give me a celebration, a party, a memory of a life time. I had a great time last night, thank you all. 

| Chung Keat | Thank you for coming. Just getting to know you more recently, you always been very cheerful and relax. Thank you for just keeping that smile even at difficult times.

| Alvin | Thanks for getting all these prepared. Great place, great food, extraordinary effort. I like it all from the very start till the very end.

| Sing Yang | I don't remember I manage to talk to you during the event. Appreciate your time and effort to spice up my day with your attendance. Thank you so much for everything. :-)

| Lili | Lili, cheated me for so many times, I still seem to always fall for it. I need to work something out to avoid that again. But good prank last night, thank you so much. :-)

| Kai Lee | Your's coming soon, Kai Lee! >.< Thank you very much.

| Zhe Hui | You always been a very wise person in a way, thank you being there when I need. Thanks.

| Lex | Brother, eldest of us all. :-) Hey, thank you for being there all the time. I think we can always count on you all the time. 

| Mei Kuan | Korean Fantasy girl, thank you for being there last nite. Should have get you and your mates for some dance moves as performance >.< exclusive!

| Wei Jia | Hope you enjoy the night, it's great to see you adapting slowly, thank you very much for being there  for my birthday party. Peace! :-)

| Wai Lun | Woii... thank you yea. >.< 

| Yi Pin | Despite the tremendous amount of academic and non academic work, I really don't know how you find time for these. Thank you so much for the effort. :-)

| Ai Er | hummm........ you get what I wanna tell you right? 

| Lai Wah | Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank y.... it goes on and on till your next birthday. >.<

| Dorcas | Not bad at lying, I wonder whether you have start practising on your dad long time ago... hmmm... >.< thank you for preparing the video for me dorcas. Really appreciate it. 

| Saisa & Sabi | Thank you for being there. Seeing you and your sister at the party really made my day. Despite not being to understand mandarin, you still come. Thank you :-)

| Li Ting | Thank you for the thought of wanting to celebrate and making things special for me. Thank you. I owe you one next year. :-)

| Kok Wai | You're most welcome. 

| Xu Meng | 我因该不必多说吧。就这样就好了。食物好吃吗?

| Chee Han | Thank you being there all the time I need to talk and talk and talk. I like the watch, can give me another one? >.<

| Giap Chin | Giap giap, thanks for companion till the very late night supper. 

| Hann Yang | Don't worry about the car. Just pay. >.< thanks for being there last night, and preparing things for me, I also don't know how you find the time to do all that. Thank you thank you.

| Yin Sian | Looking forward to see you joining the group again! Thank you so much.

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