Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm quite sick with a lot of stereotyping statement, "too much work too little time", "not enough sleep", "i'm so tired", etc. Can see this in facebook almost everyday. 

I felt the instant relieved of my stress after my dad and sis dropped by yesterday and pay me a visit, it just felt very natural, I talk what I want to talk, I do what I want to eat. It just feel free. I've been too bounded by what we call theory of life here, like "somethings are not meant to say", "usage of words", "relevance of the topic of chat", "options for food", and many others.

Writing till this point, maybe I'd just magnified my own problems. Apart from all those issues that I'd been complaining, that's actually just one main one. It's always a hard matter to talk about, I want people to know but I can't let everyone know, otherwise, people would think I'm making publicity of it. I think the reason I would want to write in a blog, its probably some read it and some don't read it. Yet, I still need consider the consequences of such decision to write about it here.

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm over obsess with statement like this "great power comes great responsibility" and "either you die as a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain". In a more realistic world, it's not about having any superpowers, but having a clear mind and a strong heart. When I was having supper yesterday night, I saw this statement from a TV ads, "if you can't change it, change yourself, and don't complain", it make and does not make sense to me in a certain way. Is there a possible time for us to make a conclusion that one thing can't be change? That's what I thought. 

If I lived in a world without law enforcement, I think I'm the worst and most cruel supervillain by now.

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