Thursday, November 25, 2010


I felt that my skill of writing and expressing my feelings using words had turned worst after all these while, I'd tried to write here so many times, but when I wanted to start on my first word, there's just so many things in my mind, and lost of words. 
Somehow I felt whether is it true that I'd became more childish, or just too much thinking made me feel lost in things I do. "I realized at some point I lost my sanity" quoted by one of my friend in facebook, I think anyone will lose their sanity at some point. Recently, there's many happenings, things which I couldn't define myself whether am I happy doing it or the opposite. I felt I had gone selfish in certain ways, I'm not sure why myself had took this so importantly in my life, that I focused on it so much till I neglected great things around me. I know how people look at me, I know what their are thinking, but I'm just too tired to make any comments out of it. I did not do anything on purpose that will either hurt or being mysterious or hiding things, and I did not do things in the dark. I started to accept the fact that no matter how hard you try no matter how good or great you are, you will never satisfy everyone. Am I accepting this and lose my faith in people? I don't know it myself either, it maybe just a temporary breakdown which made me felt like that, or possibly I had accepted this fact. 

If I could be stronger and being able to see how people suffer without feeling anything, I wished I could have that ability temporarily to help me struggle through these times. 

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