Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clouds - Freaked me out

Last Sunday, I was about to travel back to Cyberjaya from Malacca after my "self-declared" holiday to rest after the hectic E-Week programme. When I was about to leave Malacca after loading up my car with all my belongings, I looked up into the sky. [Woo, it looks like a big thunder storm is about to hit my home.] Quickly grab my camera, and took a few shots. The clouds moved very quickly. 15 minutes later, the downpour started. I thought to wait for a little while till the rain slow down a little before I embark on my journey back. Well, it was my longest 2 hours drive back. During the whole journey, the rain is terrible. Hardly see the roads and quite packed with cars. Even on the fast lane, the cars were only moving at around 90km/h.
With the poor tire performance of my car on wet roads, I was really tensed up during the whole journey back. [Phew, but yeah I arrived safely.]

*Oops, I don't usually share these kind of experience, it would sound like as if I am giving a boring lecture. My main intention is just to show this photo which I find it really interesting for me. I took this photo from my backyard. Thank you for reading!

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