Thursday, March 5, 2009


"WATTS GOING ON" organised by Chinese Culture Society, Uniten is a charity concert to raise funds for the needed ones. It was my first time stepping my foot on the territory of Uniten, and it was HUGE! and there I thought MMU was big. They even have their own hotel inside their campus. Probably for the use of the guests visiting their campus. The campus was fully equipped with good facilities. Even the mosque was built on sort of a lake, and there's even a nice restaurant at the side. The landscaping was nice. Besides that, their security allows car with no sticker to enter. >.<

The concert was held in their Seri Saujana Hall, sort of MMU's version of MPH, but their's are much more presentable, and they don't charge rentals. Unlike the Grandhall of MMU, students are charge RM2500 per day, and RM625 for a days preparation work for before the event(without air-conditioner). People are asking me, why do I insist on using the Grandhall since I knew clearly that we do not have that budget. My intention was to invite and do good publicity to the public, if we were to use the MPH, it would be definitely give a different impression to the public with such old hall. Aside of that, I doubt that MPH are large enough to place all the exhibits material there comfortably. (Back to the story)
I didn't get to take some shots of the band performing, since I was sitting quite far behind and without a good zooming lens. However, I would say it was quite a successful event, people enjoy themselves, and they have a number of students from different university close by. Most of the best deserve my compliments for their effort for putting up a good show, and made their won songs. However, it started to get a little bored in the end, cause most of the songs sounded almost the same. They are good singers, but without a good song, performance aren't that interesting. But yeah, overall, it was splendid. Hope to see a better results next year!

*David! Thanks for introducing me your friends, Steward, Charlotte, ... They are really nice people to hang out with. :-) God Bless.


Jia Xing said...

The PA system guy who was in charge of the JCN, has infinite experiences of running different events.

He also has about 8-9 years experience of running events in MMU (he was already here when MPH Extension was still a land of grass.)

He told me, our MHP was one of the best hall ever built around Selangor, mainly because of the sound-absorbing facilities.

You can see in MPH, there are blue boards thing pasted around the wall, and the ceiling which is different from other hall (which is more expensive). Those are used to absorb all the sound, and create a better surrounding without noise. That's why you won't hear any echo in MPH.

Having echo mean having noise in your performance, which will greatly reduce the quality of your show.

Because of the reason above, MPH was the best location to run any shows, especially concert or musical performance, thanks to the excellent sound-absorbing facilities.

That guy also told me that even the quality of our Grand Hall is worse that MPH, cause you can still hear echo in Grand Hall.

Shocked? Best hall ever built, huh? I was also shocked when I heard what he said.

I'm not making this up, even the outsider praises the hall which we thought is a bad hall.We shouldn't underestimate MPH.

I guess it implies 麻雀虽小,五臟俱全。

Zhiqin said...

haha, really? Should have paid more attention to the sound system.

But the point I am stressing on is actually the environment. It looked a little old and bad combination of colours. Not to insult the hall, but for a normal persons' view, definitely the grandhall is much presentable.

But and again, we always mislook the hidden quality of MPH, where it is being build for the best sound quality purposes.

Haha, thanks Jia Xing for the info!

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