Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Japanese Cultural Night @ Multimedia University

Melvin was asking me to get one of the tickets for the Japanese Cultural Night about last 2 weeks ago. Without thinking much, I bought a ticket as well as my good friend, Lawrence. I think once again, E-Week had changed me a lot, knowing that organizing such events is not any easy work. Thus, attending the event is just the best way I could show my support and appreciation to their hard work.

During the day itself, I was half an hour late, thinking to skip all the speeches done by the VIP. However, I am there just in time, and their show was just about to start. I didn't put much of a expectation at first, since I got some "not so interesting" remarks from some of my friends when I asked them to join the night. It started as usual with some performance, traditional musical instruments played by Japanese, japanese traditional dance, etc. It turned out to be much better than what I've expect. Well, one thing which I think deserves some compliments is the way they embed all those performance along with a drama by their own committee members. The main actor and actress, around of applause[good job!]. Besides that, doing some interactive activities with the audiences by having everyone to fold a square shaped paper into a heart shape and submit it up for a lucky draw, around of applause again. Overall, well done Japanese Club!

Melvin, the president, it's not easy to get a photo with him. This is the best that I can get.

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