Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Morning Breakfast @ McDonald

I had been wondering why my housemates would miss a lecture class just for a breakfast at McDonalds. Cause they don't usually do that, and McDonalds are expensive. Finally, I got the opportunity to dine in McDonald for breakfast, with Chew and Kit.

For RM4.00(exclusive of tax), we are able to get the meal as shown above. A piece of burger[sausage McMuffin, if not wrong], and either tea or coffee[they always prefer coffee]. It doesn't seem to be very appetizing to me, probably I don't usually have breakfast. However, the burger really opened up my appetite. The bun they used are different, not the usually burger bun we had for cheeseburger. This one is a little spungy, and the taste of the cheese is really strong. For cheese lovers, you wouldn't want to miss this.

Now I am getting addicted to it. [swt =.="]