Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird Dreams~

[Ahh], haven't been able to update my blog for quite some time. Just lose the motivation sometimes. Anyway, weird things have been happening to me recently, even in my dreams.

I got a very frightening dream about 2 days ago. Will elaborate later on that on the next post. However, the dream that happened to me today is pretty silly. I think most of us here have at least one person that you hated the most. Some one that you really, really hate, and wish to just kill[not really kill, but you should get what I mean]. Imagine you and the person you hate in a boxing ring,... boxing. [weird~] And no matter how hard you hit him or her, he or she won't fall[god damn it!]. Then, usually in boxing, they have this big red coloured glove. Instead of that, each of us are holding on to a balloon, quite high quality one and punching it to the face, and it still wont blow. It function like the big red coloured glove. [what the hell~~]

Yeap, that's what happened to me. Me and the person I hate the most, fighting in the most silliest wat I could ever think of.

[god damn it] Pretty emo now, since I can't hit her down the ground. [sigh]


onn wah said...

wondering who is the person at the 1st place.. the last sentence shows it i guess.. lol

Lynda said...

whoa Albert, it's a HER that u wanna hit. unbelievable :P

Zhiqin said...

Yeap, I definitely hit her. But it happened only in my dream. Damn it. =.="