Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blardy bastard retarded landlord

Just as I was done with my previous post, went out and came back after a short meal. Another storm just broke into my room.

I just returned into my room for about 5minutes, Mel was here with me. He bought some ice for the air-cooler. Since the ice was all sticking together, he just sort of knock it on the carpet 3 times continuously. Not even really knock, its just dropping it from the knee height on a carpet. Imagine what are the consequences.

I was in the toilet, wetting a piece of cloth, so that I could wipe my table. Suddenly, someone knocked my door. Apparently, is the fucking asshole blardy retarded bastard landlord. He came and accused me that I made a lot of noise. And I asked what noise did u hear? He said its from my room. Asking me what am I doing. I said I am wiping my table.
U know what he added? He said he confirm its from my room, he said he even stand outside my room for a while, and went down to the living room to listen what sound was that. What the heck? you feel the bullshit he is talking about? just 3 knocks he manage to leave his room while he was playing his play station[what kind of old man is this?!] then ran over to the living room and ran back up and listened silently in front of my door room. [wow...]
Seriously, I was really careful with my volume. I didnt even turned on the music. Wiping the table does not cause any noise.
He came in and started to lecture, and said this "you look at your fucking face in the mirror... eyes all dark and pucat, trust me larr albert...sleep." Fuck him man, if I had the time to sleep, who wouldn't? And the thing is I'm not wasting my time for uneccesary entertainment. I'm rushing my work for most of the time. And the way he said was really disrespecting, and kept asking me to listen to him.

I respected him at first, he kept asking me to listen to his advice and be like him. Well, I didnt mind much at first. But now, he totally ruin his own reputation. I try my best to tolerate, thinking that I should respect him. Controlling whatever that I m doing, even my parents dont do that. Even cooking a pack of maggi is so much of a trouble. Usually how do you guys cook maggi? I thought boiling water in a pot first, once its boilt, throw in the noodles and the flavouring. That's all right? Well, he is much of a trouble. "No no no...don't waste the gas." boil the water in the electric water boiler first, once the water boilt, pour into the pot...bla bla bla...
what the heck? electric free? [later on I just realize maybe he dont have to pay for the electric since he is collecting such a high rental from us. while gas he is paying himself. fuck]

What made me so upset is he used suck language to talk to me. I'm really considering to shift, really need to pass the message to people not to stay at this house. Blardy bastard. one word i call, RETARDED.


lunz said...

hey, cool down...
got so suck de uncle de a?
stil kno play ps de?

4get bout it, cheer up.

onnwah said...

this the main factor contributes to your lately unbalance emotion i guess. do you mind if i ask you :" Have you confronted him?" i am not very sure but a kind-hearted person like you surely talk to him nicely even you are in a desperate condition since he is older than you. Never such condition happened in my life but i could tell you that there is no way i can stand him. it is ok for him to lecture me about the maggi cooking method but it is not up to him to gain control over my freedom of choice to work overnight. he doesnt understand the heavy burden you are having on your shoulder as i believe you get involved in quite an amount of activities. i am still wondering how he gets to know that you work overnight? is he staying late in the night to play his ps? is he doing something contradicts to his own words?

from another point of view, is his words make sense? is there any imperfect with your appearance that make him gave such comments? base on my understanding toward you, i strongly think that you are having lack of sleep problem again. overloading is not good for health, taking enough rest will make you feel better and less stressful.

well, what i have said are mostly my own prediction. you know the situation the best and i believe you will be able to handle it well...

kahyan said...

woah... Chill man.. breathe.... for every problem there's a solution... dont get yourself all worked up...

Darkgal23 said...

lol~~~u r really a pity guy~~
but u r facing the same problemtat my boy friend r facing in us~wkkkk~
come on man~ cool down lor~~
my boy friend decided to move away edi from tat stupid house~ so do u??
quickly sttle it b4 the sem break ends lar~^^
u can do it de~~ u r that geng wat~~nth can beats u tat easily~~^^
all the best~~

Zhiqin said...

Haha, okay okay...Thanks for your support man...I m really considering to shift deposit...semua kena bakar....