Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still waiting.

Had been spending 2 days in A1, became one of my private office already, it's a really comfortable workstation. With its free air-conditioner, large table space, material stock just down stairs(Vision Art), well cant find any better place than this.

I think most of you here reading my previous posts, knows that I'm not doing so well recently. [sigh] Things are still the same for the day. After my late dinner with weijia, mel, and wailun, came back home and got another kick from my landlord. Apparently, my neighbouring room housemate broke the sink in the toilet. Uncle accused that the floor was too slippery, and again accused I didn't clean the floor together with my housemate, causing algaes to grow. No choice, had to listen to his lectures, even it's not me who broke the blardy sink. [Not blaming my housemate, I actually worried whether is he okay, cause its really dangerous.] However, you know what's the next thing the uncle said, "No choice lorr, I've to fix the sink tomorrow, and charge our friend here." [=.="]

Instead of being more sincere making sure my housemate is alright, he just worrying about the money. [Sigh] Felt bad for my housemate, and I offered if we can share the cost. [Hmm, guess he would be too embaress to actually share the cost with me] The thing is.... you know why I wanted to shift.

Things are still on the down side. Hoping to meet the rising part soon, however, after sharing my problems with my friends, I actually felt much better. Thanks weijia, wailun and mel for that. At least I m not feeling that bad, cause telling things out allows me to rearrange the things in my mind, and solve the issue clearly. I was pretty shocked that someone who spend so less of his time with me, willing to spend the time and come out with me. Nice person to share problems with, at least showing that he cares. Some people just appear invisible when you need them.

Maybe I m jumping too fast to a conclusion for a judgement. However, this is the time I need friends with me the most to keep me companied and help me through. Thanks again and appreciate the night. :-)

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Lynda said...

Albert, albert.. you're letting a bitchy, demanding landlord, who depends on you for income, overcharges you, and has a mind filled with $$$ make u so miserable? WHY?

you have the upper hand here my friend. money's your's. you have transport. you have talent. you have a heart. and certainly the ability to ditch him too, right? =)

take care. climb back up soon ;)