Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blood Trail

All these while, we were so amazed by the work that we saw in the CSI Series(Crime Scene Investigation), that facing with blood is nothing that hard. Well, I just proved that wrong today, especially for me myself.

One of my house mate, staying at the lower floor room, had just made history of the year. I haven't been seeing so much blood for quite some time, after stop seeing accidents keep happening exactly in front of my sight. What happened today was that my house mate chung, was taking a bath, where suddenly the basin fell off its holder and drop when he was washing his hand. He excidentally stepped on one of the pieces and it made a very deep cut into his feet. His blood was dripping out like opening a water pipe, and he started to rush out and try to get some cloth or tissue to stop the bleeding. That's how he causes the blood trail everywhere in the kitchen till his room.

I had to bring him to the nearest clinic, his wounds are too deep for us to do anything. After the doctor attended to him, he came out 45 minutes later with 8 stitches. Next, we had to go back and clean up the mess in the kitchen and in the toilet. That's where the hard part begins. It's actually much easier to clean up the dog poops than these blood, I almost vomitted when I was wiping the blood off the tiles. The smell of the blood really made me feel sick, but I still had to go on cleaning it. Luckily, with some help of my friends, the cleaning work made easier for me.

Was just about to consider today as a dull, boring day. Before we can see it coming, it ended up with a shocking bloody scene that really made me feel sick.


-EdwiN- said...

gosh..hope he's doin all well, real live "crime scene" in ur hse, haha

Zhiqin said...

Yea, but nothing illegal happening here. Just an unlucky accident. He is fine now after a visit to the nearest clinic, and got 8 stitches. Just went for the redressing yesterday i think. :p but he is doing just fine.