Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unfortunate Events

Had not been having this sort of feeling for quite some time. Not too sure what happen to me, where I can't seem to accept things easily. I had not been feeling so well for the past two days, perform badly in school, hardly concentrate in class; felt sleepy. Been taking some panadols that I borrowed from gerrard long time ago, yet i still haven't return it till now. Besides that, I had been moody since a few days ago, feeling disappointed, sad, and furious as well; about how a friend can be when they don't need you. (To be more specified, self-centered, inconsiderate, perverted, immature bloody bastard!)

Things are like " A List of Unfortunate Events" for me recently, my car was hit by another car in the neighborhood when I parked it in front of my house. Not too sure whether I should consider myself lucky, but the man that excidentally hit my car waited for me to wake up(I was sleeping after taking some panadols), just to tell me he knocked my car and wanted to pay me for the repair cost. We can hardly find this kind of people in the society nowadays.

Just as I thought things are starting to change for good, my toilet drain got clogged. It's really disgusting, which I don't want to elaborate on that. For those who had experience with clogged toiled, you should know how it looks like. Been trying to fix it for hours, it can't seem to work. I got this info from the net, stated that dish washing detergent and hot water would help to unclog the toilet drain. Probably some chemical stuff, but it's not working for me. Considering to get a plumber now.

Well, haven't been posting for quite some time. Been busy with stuff and almost forgotten I got a blog to update.

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