Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rage and Furious

Can't seem to shake this thing away from me. Whenever I go, wherever I am, the thing will just be at my sight. All the good, nice and harmonious day will all be corrupted as one sight of it would destroy everything. (Oh yes, I am exaggerating.)

I'm going to talk about "self-centeredism". If someone accidentally broke your cup, what would be your very first reaction? Is it going to be "Hey, what the #*%@??! Don't you have eyes??!!" or "Hey, are you alrite? Don't mind about the cup." I think for most of the people, or majority of the general public would be furious and angry at the person who breaks the cup.

Let me analyze this situation from my point of view. Firstly, a self-centered person would be thinking how precious the cup was, and neglected about how the another person would feel about breaking the cup. He would be so angry at the person, while for the guy that broke the cup, I can't imagine how sorry the person would feel. Consequently, for a inconsiderate person, they would react with a act of furious, rage, unreasonable behavior, and some with unwilling forgiveness. However, a person which are not self-centered will do quite exactly the opposite and try to consider the situation of the person who broke the cup in. He would also make sure that that guy is alright, and ask whether he is fine before thinking about his broken cup.

It's just a very simple situation. Can't seem to understand it? Well, some people always thinks the whole world is hell of a lot of bad people, where in order to live free, one must be also be bad to find yourself a good life, without considering anyone else, but only yourself; and the world is just about you.

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