Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish Day 2008

I shall officially announce this day as our first Fish Day, although we had already done this a few times in the past, didn't manage to keep a record. Thus, as a start, this will be our first Fish Day.

How does the fish day works?
1. A fish day will only be organized if we can't finish the 10kg of rice that we bought. (Meaning when the rice is closing to its expiry date.)
2. And of course if majority feels like having fish for meals.
3. A Fish Day must at least consist of 2 fish dishes, and not more than one non-fish dish.
4. A Fish Day will not be considered as a Fish Day until the bowl is completely empty as the picture shown above.
5. And for every Fish Day, one person must post like the boy in the photo showing peace sign, and another person must wash the dish exactly like in the photo.
6. The founder of Fish Day holds the right to amend the terms of Fish Day.


Just another crazy idea of brightening the day. We found this restaurant months ago where it had some promotions in conjunction to its new opening. They are selling out this "African" Fish; a direct translation from what we called it in chinese words, at a cheap price. RM8 for small, RM10 for medium and RM12 f0r large.

We ordered for the large one since the price was only a difference by RM2, the fish wasn't that big as I was expecting it to be. But, there's nothing to complain for the price we paid. How much can we expect from a RM12 fish. But still, the fish was nice.

After a fast calculations from a friend of mine, Jun, he said that it is actually much cheaper if we can cook our own rice and just pack the fish back home for meals. So, we actually did pack it back home and eat it along with the rice we cooked ourself, which we can save quite some money on the additional rice which cost RM1.00 per bowl.

That's just how we started on the fish day, in which I now officially named it as Fish Day.

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