Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crap Talk

Always love those days filled with activities. Morning, as planned, we [me, yipin, weijia] headed to KLCC for a exhibition, though we are not too sure what's the exhibition is all about [thanks to ms ice cream]. On the way, we dropped by lowyat to get some gadgets. Just got my portable external Seagate harddisc, it actually came with a 5 years warranty. I just thought its worth the price.
Then, headed to KLCC, cant enter, due to the exhibition requires a more formal dressing, and we actually went in shorts[=.="]. [Dang!] All the way from Sunway and can't enter. Anyway, the rest of the day were pretty much interesting to me, but describing it here would some how be boring to read about.

Listen to this: Crap Talk - Episode 1 @ Spanish Chinese

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