Friday, June 18, 2010


I think the thing I'm looking forward the most this year, is a surprise. Surprise which totally blow my mind, surprise that will make me speechless, a big surprise. Well, of course, this post is not meant to pressure friends whom are reading my blog to do anything for me, but I just wanna share about this little thing in my thoughts. [haha]

I organized quite a few surprise event for some friends, usually for birthday events. And some are special case, personal, and probably not a good idea for me to mentioned here. I always had this urge to do something different, especially a surprise event. The one which i remember clearly is when I was celebrating birthday for 2 close friends at a time. One male and another female, me and a few friends transform my house living room into a romantic candle light atmosphere. And we even dressed formal to serve both of them. We tricked them to our house, saying that my dad's company dinner has empty slot and invited all of us to go and formal attire. They came nicely dressed and were surprise when they saw my living room. We prepare meals for them and prepare music and stuff like that. It was indeed a memorable ones.

Well, that were the one I remembered clearly of my surprise event that I organized. The most surprising event that happened on me is done by another friend. It's meant for me, during my birthday, I totally didn't see it coming. And when I get back, a huge group of my close friends were already sitting on the dining table waiting for my arrival. I was so nervous, about how I should react. I wasn't prepared for any of that. It was really nice. Love it and living till now to remember it.[haha]

So, if were given a wish. I wish for a surprise. 


zijing said...

i too remember the moment^^for the surprise^^

Zhiqin said...

yea... thanks to you guys :-)