Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping Silence

Whenever I'm quiet, there's a lot of speculation out there. People would think I'm mad for no reason, "emo" or things which are relevantly negative in a way.

Whenever I'm quite, I'm thinking a lot in my mind, somehow I just dive into my thoughts, and left my skin running on autopilot mode.Whatever I do at that moment, it's not going through my mind, but rather I'm wondering in my own thoughts. "My head is often like a shopping mall, filled with memories and thoughts of different brands and quality, there's also dreams and reality. So, I shop when I have bad moods." I was marking my friends work in class earlier today, I was looking on a different image and marking on a different image, and I didn't even realize till my friend told me, "how come you are marking the same one with me?" I was shocked on how out of focus I was. It's dangerous, imagine I was am chopping food, i might only realize my fingers were gone when someone told me. [haha]

The matter in fact, yes, I'm thinking a lot today. It's never been anyone's fault, but me to accept "THIS IS HOW LIFE WORKS." I never learn to accept it, always had hope for the world to be a better place. I want to build trust in our world, and not to be so defensive and thinks whatever comes ahead might be a threat.

"I'm nice to you, and I hope you do too." 

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