Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Malaysian Books

I had always wanted to do something for Malaysia. When ideas hit your mind, there's just so many things I wanted to do. Anyway, I have this concept of using a book to travel around the world, rather than a Malaysian to travel around the world.
Often younger generations nowadays always had bad thoughts about Malaysia. You may ask them to tell you what's good about Malaysia, it might take them some time. Try asking them the bad things about Malaysia, they may just easily list out a hundred to you. Complaints may start from bad public transportation till ugly school uniforms. Instead, overseas country to them is always better. Thus, I want to share with Malaysians all around the world, that Malaysia may not be the perfect country, but it takes us all to make it the perfect place for us and the generations to come. To me, once a Malaysian, always a Malaysian. Despite all the bad critics about Malaysia, I still say I am proud to be a Malaysian, I stayed loyal and do my responsibility to make Malaysia a better place.
I still think we need not depend on our government or any party to promise us any improvement of the country, but rather depend on ourselves on how can we help to improve the life of Malaysians. My idea of this book is to let Malaysians all around the world to voice what they felt, and what they think so that we learn to accept and stop pin-pointing, and let's hold hands to make this the perfect place for all of us. 

I did not know what thought me to be patriotic, even though we were being thought in primary school and secondary school during our moral subject. But I'm pretty sure those patriotic spirit don't come from those books. Probably it was caused by my parents, they don't always agree on a similar point when they read about political issues in the newspaper or on the television. One would agree and another would go against, each stating out their own interpretations of the situation. It actually helps me to look things from many point of view, rather than just plainly look from the bad side of it and start criticizing things about Malaysia. I wouldn't say I'm the perfect Malaysian, and I did not dislike and cursed Malaysia before, there are times where things just got up my nerves. However, one thing I am sure of that I love Malaysia.

---> The Malaysian Books will be releasing soon, with a more detailed elaboration on how it works and how do be part of it. Stay tuned for it, it's something we can all start with to make Malaysia a better place with some little effort.

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