Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You know what's hard?

Went out the last friday, with few of my friends [yipin, wailun, kok wai, dorcas], headed to the Youth Festival 2010 held in PWTC. It was so well publicized by the organizer, and it was supposed to be the largest youth festival ever held in Malaysia. And so yea, I worked out my day plan and we went. I decided not to drive, since I have been hungering for photoshoot with my old 350D for quite some time. We embarked on our journey using KTM headed to PWTC and along the way what i wanted to do most, shoot.

Life's has been pretty easy for me for the past few weeks. I ate a lot, I met a lot of people and I did a lot of things, most of my time are pretty packed up. It felt good to have all my energy flowing throughout my body and get things done. Just one of the memories I refused to remember is I sang for a singing competition. [haha] It's a long long story, but yeah, it's rather an funny and embarrassing experience. Well, [yea] as I said, life was really easy for me, going around KL area with KTM was rather fun and relaxing for me. I don't really have to think and pay attention on the road all the time. For once, I could actually stare at the droplets of water on the window of the train with a completely blank mind.

We spent two hours at the youth festival, it was not a very well planned event I would say. Disappointment hits me. The only thing would really compensate would be that I managed to see Dato Siti Nurhaliza up close live in person. That's basically all that I would write about the event. Then, we headed to Brickfields to participate in the Wesak Day celebration in one of the famous temple.  All in all, tiring yet enjoyable day for me.

Completing assignments, and connecting with friends, apparently not the issue which bothers me the most, it somehow came automatically to me. Though yes, I had to admit, there's still many unsolved friendship issues. It's not something fixable, but to wait things to get its flow and start anew. What's hard now is... Nothing.

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